Happy Giveaway 2011!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

And the winner is.... YA Reader from A Book a Day. Stay tuned for another giveaway later this month.

Wow my first giveaway! I'm so excited.  I'm giving away the three books pictured above: Her and Me and You by Lauren Strasnick (Simon Pulse, 2010), It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han (Simon and Schuster, 2010), and Elixir by Hilary Duff and Elise Allen (Simon and Schuster, 2010).  This is what you have to do to win: (Winners will be picked at random)
  • Comment to this blog post with your name and valid e-mail address
  • +1 Show some blog love and follow me
  • +1 Like The Nostalgic Librarian Facebook page
  • +1 Tweet the following: "RT @msbibliotecaria is giving away YA books on nostalgiclibrarian.blogspot.com Please RT!"
  • +1 Share this on your Facebook, Twitter or Blog
  • +5 Place The Nostalgic Librarian Widget on your Blog or website (find it on the front page of my blog)
    (Each point is worth an extra entry)
The deadline for this giveaway is January 30th, 2011 at 12:59pm (PST).  Winner will be announced on February 4th.  Good luck!! :) 



Lissa said...

I hope this still applies to me! I live in Canada...
Alyssa: shyluck13(at)hotmail(dot)com
Twitter link:http://twitter.com/#!/shyluck13/status/25919617293623296
Your widget has been posted on my blog: http://bookbybooksummer.blogspot.com/
By the way, since I have no way to show it, I don't know if this will count but I did "share" your blog with Google Reader!
Thanks a ton!

Erin Gray said...

Hey, thanks for your words of encouragement and for the stylish blogger award! Your's is awesome by the way!
I've joined your blog and added your cool widget to mine:

thanks again!

Good Golly Miss Holly said...

If this giveaway is open to Australians (The Book Depository ships to us.) then please enter me :)

I'm a new follower. +1


Aik said...

I'd love to enter, please!

+1 I follow you

+1 Like The Nostalgic Librarian Facebook page - Aik Chien

+1 Tweeted:

+1 Shared this on Facebook

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Cathy said...

Hi Adriana! Love your blog and these books look fabulous. Please enter me in the giveaway. Look forward to reading more posts. Thanks much.

adriana said...

Thanks for the entries so far! I just wanted to make a note that the contest is open to outside the U.S. :)

stilettostorytime said...

I haven't read any of these titles. Please enter me! Thanks for the giveaway.

stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

Mad Scientist said...

+1 I'm a follower.
+1 Tweet Tweet

Mad Scientist

Teen Zone said...

I haven't read any of these but really want to read Her and Me and You. I loved Lauren Strasnick's first book.
Jenn Beckstead
jbeckstead at natronacountylibrary dot org

Jessi said...

Jessi Brown

Jocelyn said...

Jocelyn Baldwin
#1 jmb.mlis at gmail dot com

#2 following you!

#3 I Like The Nostalgic Librarian on Facebook


Rosemary said...

Your blog looks great! Keep up the good work! Rosie D. riverdalelibrarykids@nac.net

The Shourds/Carlson Adventures said...

I am glad I found you re:discussion post on goodreads

YA Reader said...

I haven't read any of these yet.
forever062400 at aol dot com

Leanna said...

Leanna Chappell

Thank you!

~*~Jessica~*~ said...

+1 I'm a new follower

Jessica Skaggs

Thank you!

Mrs. Joyce said...

Erin Joyce

J. Heath said...

Thanks for doing this! Love your website!

Jennifer Heath Ripstra

phillips.dm said...

Based on your reviews, I'd love to add these books to my HS library.

Donna Phillips

christitheteenlibrarian said...

Hi! New follower here! +1
Liked on FB +1
Christi Aldellizzi

April said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

new follower +1

librarianapril at gmail dot com

melanie said...

These look like some great reads! Would love to share them with the teens in our library's book clubs!


+1 new follower
+1 RT-ed Twitter post

jayhawks22 said...

+1 Kristina Foster jayhawks22@sunflower.com
+1 I followed you... http://twitter.com/#!/kansasjhawksfan
+1 I liked you... http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/The-Nostalgic-Librarian/151764068204708
+1 I tweeted you...
+1 I shared on twitter... http://twitter.com/#!/kansasjhawksfan
+5 I put your widget on my blog... http://readerandwritersreviews.blogspot.com/

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