Not that these are actual frequently asked questions or anything.  I pretty much wrote my own script and asked myself.

  • Are you really a librarian?
Why yes I am.  I'm actually a "teen librarian", which just means I read about a hundred teen books a year, and plan lots and lots of teen programs (actually I read 80 in 2010, 100 in 2011, and this year I kept it to 50 for 2012).  I've been contemplating if I should create another blog where all my reviews can go, but I'm not sure.... For now you can see all of my teen book reviews on my Goodreads page.

  • Why did you start blogging?
I honestly don't know.  I haven't even told anyone about it.  I just had the notion to do so, and I did.  I guess I'm undercover for now.  Since I started letting people know I'm getting great feedback and I'm very happy to continue blogging out in the open now.

  • Where do you find all of your information?

Mostly Google and other websites I find as I'm traipsing the internet.  Please note, if I have made any mistakes, they are purely unintentional and in no way shape or form do I claim to be an expert on anything. Ever.

  • What are you most passionate about?

Honestly?  Relaxing, being lazy, reading, going estate sale hunting, hanging out.  I have also started up a little Etsy shop where I sell lip balms, perfume oils, soap and the like. I'm loving concocting new products and my kitchen smells really nice.  I also love watching I Love Lucy or Golden Girls episodes in my PJ's for hours, but rest assured I do leave my house every so often.  Going for walks, the movies, eating out, and grabbing a drink are also favorites of mine.  Or just watching my dogs play and laughing at their silly arses. {my Etsy shops in case you are curious are on the right side thingy on my blog, or here: la biblioteca for vintage and r i p e for bath and beauty}

  • If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Greece.  But I would have to be knocked out for the flight - I hate flying.

  • What is your biggest pet peeve?

Bad drivers.  You are driving a two ton mass of steel at at least 20 mph.  Slow down, don't cut me off, and please check your blind spot before you switch lanes.

  • What are your favorite things?

Moscato wine or a good cocktail, books, chandeliers, pizza, the ocean, the Westwood Crest Movie Theatre, my grandma, birdcage veils, mermaids, vintage typewriters*, music, and the green bean and cheese burrito from Del Taco (to name a few). 

*The logo with the typed "The Nostalgic Librarian" was made using my vintage Smith-Corona Clipper desktop typewriter from 1948.