Thursday, November 21, 2013

So you want to be a retro hostess?

I know I do! For some reason the holidays always feel like a perfect time to go retro and enjoy all those things have been around for generations that you just don't find in the stores anymore. But you can find them on Etsy! And you can especially find them in the wonderful shops that are members of the Vintage and Main team on Etsy. Here are a few of my favorite finds that would be perfect for Thanksgiving (I can't believe that it is only one week away!). Gobble! Gobble!

(P.S. If you aren't hosting, these would also make perfect hostess gifts!)

1. The "Stop Ice" Perfect Hostess Aid Bar Accessory from Kolorize $15

2. Copper Kitchen Canisters from Little Kitten Vintage $32

3. Mosaic Folk Art Vintage Turkey Platter from Rush Creek Vintage $45

4. Hand Painted Owl Cookie Jar from Yell and Panic $25

5. Antique Gravy Boat from Hound Dog Digs $28.50

6. Vintage Troll Doll Decorator Set from Sunchowders Vintage $8

7. Salvador Dali Cook Book from Gentlemanly Pursuits $550

8. Vintage Linen Table Runner from Rosa Meyer Collection $42

9. Pink Depression Glass Pitcher from The Zoe Bird $27