Friday, July 19, 2013

Read a Book, Sip a Cocktail No. 22

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I first read The House on Mango Street in high school and it stuck to me ever since. The story revolves around 12 year old Esperanza who is coming of age in a new house on Mango street (in the city of Chicago). Told in short vignettes, the book reads a lot like poetry. For being a very short book, I think the author makes a big impact and tells a good story that brings up many issues including gender, identity, language, culture and growing pains. This cocktail doesn't have much to do with those issues, but it certainly was inspired by the famed Mango Street - and it is a two for one deal! I made a Mango in the Morning and a Mango in the Evening with an orange, mango, peach mimosa/bellini and a mango margarita.  I've made both of these drinks before, but not in one day. The mimosa or bellini is great for a weekend brunch and using a peach champagne is perfect for blending with the pulpy, sweet flavors of mango and bright, refreshing orange. Margaritas come in a wide array of flavors (and even colors), so punching up the traditional blended margarita with your favorite fruit is really great, especially during this hot summer. Normally I actually like to drink my margaritas on the rocks, but fruit flavors are really great blended smooth. And now I must confess something. Mango street actually does not exist in Chicago! The street that Cisneros wrote about is actually Campbell street, but she chose instead to use Mango because it rhymed with Campbell and it would not remind readers of the famous soup. 

Mango in the Morning
2 1/2 oz. Champagne or Sparkling Wine*
2 1/2 oz. Mango Orange Juice or Orange Peach Mango Juice**

How to: Chill both your champagne and juice ahead of time. *I recommend using a peach champagne, like the one Andre has. **I used an orange, peach mango juice with no sugar added, but I also recommend the Simply Orange juice with Mango or the Dole orange, peach and mango juice.

Mango in the Evening
1 oz. Tequila, reposado
1 oz. Triple sec
1 oz. Grand Marnier
3 oz. Mango Orange Juice or Orange Peach Mango Juice*
Frozen chunks of mango fruit

How to: Prep your margarita glass rim with a bit of fresh lime and a rim of rock salt.  In a blender add your ice, frozen mango, tequila, triple sec, Grand Marnier, and chosen juice. Blend it up! Serve immediately and enjoy. *See notations above.

I used Orange, Peach and Mango juice
I love the bright color
The mimosa/bellini - bellosa?
I didn't quite wait until the evening to start the margarita, but that is neither here nor there!
Blended goodness
Cheers! and Cheers!

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  1. I think I need to read that book and make the morning mango drinks. Thanks for the inspiration :)