Friday, August 26, 2011

Lean in a Little Closer, Let Me Get a Whiff

One thing that I think we are all still waiting for is smello-vision, and these days the internet is no exception.  What I wouldn't give to be able to smell a scrumptious recipe I find online or a particularly enticing dessert.  Of course another thing that smello-vision would make easier is shopping for perfumes.  I have my tried and true scents that I always have on hand (some of my favorites include Michael by Michael Kors, the what I consider to now be a classic, Pear Glac√© from Victoria's Secret, and Be Delicious by DKNY) but I'm also curious sometimes as to the smell of a new fragrance that I haven't smelled before, and whether or not it smells good to me or would even work with my body's chemistry.  This got me thinking about classic perfumes. A fragrance that I think instantly comes to most people's minds is Chanel No. 5.  Now I've tried to like this scent, but I just can't.  I blame my own olfactory system and my body chemistry.  No. 5 and me just don't work together.  I like fruity, Chanel No. 5 is flowery. I like light and tropical, Chanel No. 5 is sensual and fragrant.  However, don't knock it until you try it.  It is the "now and forever" world-renowned perfume for a reason. Now, here are a few perfumes that have been discontinued but were quite popular in their day.

Max Factor Hypnotique. Introduced in the 1950's. The scent was powdery and floral. The ad is from the 1960's.
Photo from
Radio Girl Perfume also popular in the 1950's, introduced in the 1940's.
Photo from
Abano by Prince Matchabelli. Introduced in 1931. Some notes include lavender, oakmoss, orange and patchouli.
Photo from
Vigny's Beau Catcher introduced in 1942. I love this ad "It's the sexy scent that won't take no for an answer."
Photo from eBay. Ad from 1946.
Of course, not everyone can wear perfume, particularly because of the chemicals.  Here is a great alternative, especially for those of us who indulge in the nostalgic and vintage.  
To see this scent, or other Ferncliffe perfumes, visit Ferncliffe's Etsy Shop
Ferncliffe Perfumes offer a great selection of 100% natural perfumes, oils, and bath salts with an eye on the past and an attention to quality and purity of ingredients.  Only essential oils and absolutes garnered from flowers, fruits, herbs and spices are used. The perfume oil pictured here is called "Babe". It is inspired by Clara Bow, a true "babe" of her time. It is in the fresh, spicy, floral scent family and has top notes of green mandarin, juniper berry, black pepper, tangerine, sweet orange and clove bud.

Now, another very vintage aspect of perfumes is of course the atomizer. This both decorative and useful device allows for perfume to be applied as a fine spray through the use of it's nozzle.

Here is a beautiful example of an atomizer from the 1940's
Green Blown Glass Atomizer from WhimzyThyme
 And here is another very beautiful perfume atomizer with an etched glass design. I really love the design on the pump as well.
Atomizer with Rose Etching from ForestDaydream
Take a look at this one that has gorgeous tints of iridescent pink and purple with a beautiful tassel attached to the pump.
Vintage Perfume Atomizer from GrandmasJunknStuff
And finally this stunning hand blown atomizer from the 1940's with enamel painted brass roses and a candy pink striped swirl design.
Hand Blown Atomizer from sandraevertson
So what perfumes are you in love with? Which are you most curious about? Or which scents take you back in time?


  1. When my mother was a kid she were Love's Lemon and Love's Baby Soft. I love those scents because of her. However, Love's Lemon makes you smell like cleaning products! Now she wears Apple by Donna Karen and I wear that too, because it smells like her. However, my all time favorite scent was a summer spray and I couldn't even tell you who made it, but it was cotton candy! I smelled like a carnival all year round. People would stop me to ask me what it was I was wearing!!! I need some more of that, but they stopped making it. Thanks for letting me go on:)

  2. Wonderful story. I love citrus blends myself and Bath & Body use to have a great one but alas long gone. Thanks so very much for including my green glass atomizer. I so appreciate it!

    A new fan!

  3. Thanks for including my item in your lovely blog post I have added your beautiful shop to my favorites list!
    Best Regards,
    Sandra Evertson

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments!! I love to hear about others favorite scents - it is so great when you smell something and it takes you back. Every time I smell freesia I think of my sister and my mom wears Pleasures religiously. :)