Friday, May 14, 2010

A Glass of Milk a Day....

It wasn't until I was house hunting last summer that I came across a milk box or milk door. My house is only the second house I saw that had one. The first house (which we did not end up purchasing) had an even more elaborate one called a "Milko-Box" that had dials and a list of other items besides milk, like whipping cream, eggs, cottage cheese and even a slot for "nothing" (ha!). I knew that milk and other grocery items were delivered back in the day. I mean, who doesn't? But I had never actually seen this contraption. I absolutely love it. I can't find a use for it now, but I love that it's there. Just the idea that a delivery person would ride up to your house and place a bottle of fresh, cold milk in that little space is so charming. I could only find a few resources on the internet that have to do with this bygone method of food delivery and architecture, and there is actually a group on with photographs of milk doors, 48 so far. I'm thinking of adding my own. Among those images I found this picture of a milk door from the 1950's in the creative commons of This one actually looks like a set of double doors near a back porch. The style of the house is much different than mine, and it looks like it is from Milwaukee. Other ones that I liked include one that is made by the Durasteel Products Company of Los Angeles, CA, and one that is painted a bright turquoise with just the word milk on the outside. Our door also has this simple style, including the outline of an actual milk bottle, and maybe one day I will find a good use for it. I wonder if I can get someone to deliver a cold drink through it for me one of these days?
Our Milk Door

1950's Photo: From purpleslog Flickr page


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